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"Feed My Sheep" by David Schiller

September 16, 2017

Rabbi Schiller looks at part 2 of John 21, where Y’Shua heals Peter from his sin of denying Him three times. We look today at themes of Repentance, Godly Sorrow, Denying Oneself, Discipleship and Following Y’Shua.

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"…they shall look on Me, whom they have pierced… The Coming Revival in Israel" by Dr. Erez Soref

September 09, 2017

Learning from the revival at Ezra and Nehemiah’s days after the return from the first diaspora, and drawing lessons for our days - looking for at the coming revival in Israel and among Jewish people to Messiah Yeshua.

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"Go" by Michael Wilkerson

September 02, 2017

Here is a sermon brought to you by Michael Wilkerson that will teach you how to get up and go finish the work that Yeshua started and commanded us to complete.

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"It is the LORD!" by David Schiller

August 27, 2017

Rabbi Schiller looks at the 1st half of John 21 today, with Y’Shua appearing to His Disciples after His Resurrection, and focuses on themes of our Radical New Identity in Him, and how we can have Continuous Intimacy with Him.

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"Jonah Part 3 – Smashing Our Idols" by David Schiller

August 19, 2017

Rabbi Schiller discusses the surprise ending of the Book of Jonah, which lays bare Jonah’s heart of self-righteousness & holds a mirror to our own heart - will we choose love and sacrifice, or self and superiority?

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"Jonah Part 2 – Love Beneath the Waves" by David Schiller

August 12, 2017

In Part 2 of the series on Jonah, Rabbi Schiller looks at how we run from God; how He pursues us; and how His grace works in the midst of adversity. There’s love beneath the waves!

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"Jonah – Part 1 – Running From God" by David Schiller

August 05, 2017

In Part I of this new series on Jonah, Rabbi Schiller looks at how Jonah ran from God, and how we, too, run from the LORD. But the LORD is at work, behind the scenes, in Jonah’s life and ours, using our circumstances to call us back to Him.

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"Psalm 88 – Hello Darkness My Old Friend" by David Schiller

July 29, 2017

We conclude our series on Psalms w/ a look at Ps 88 and how we can handle suffering & affliction. We see how times of Darkness can help us rely on God’s grace and grow into someone great, & by trusting in the promises of Y’Shua, for Hope to break through

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"Jews & Arabs united in Messiah" by Milad Khourey

July 22, 2017

Palestinian Christian Milad Khourey describes how God had used him to preach the Gospel to Muslims, Palestinians, Arabs, Jews, Turks & Kurds.

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"O Israel, put your hope in the LORD" by David Schiller

July 15, 2017

In Part 8 of his series on the Psalms, Rabbi Schiller examines Ps 130 today, where we see a God who knows all we do and yet loves us, that we may hope in Him and serve Him in awe & reverence.

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