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"Angels Amazed by Salvation" by Dan Boron

March 18, 2017

Angels Amazed by Salvation I Peter 1:10-12 God is Pure and Holy. God was unyielding when Lucifer led his Rebellion, and 1/3 of the Angels were cast out Of heaven. Imagine the Surprise for the Angels as they watched Salvation for Mankind unfolding.

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"Purim 2017 – Messiah in the Book of Esther" by David Schiller

March 11, 2017

Rabbi Schiller delivers a special Purim drash on the hidden pictures of Messiah in the Book of Esther, tracing references throughout the Bible to show that Haman is a picture of the False Messiah & Satan, and Mordechai a picture of Y’Shua.

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"Yeshua’s Prayer Book – Part 2 – Ps 110 – David’s Son / David’s Lord" by David Schiller

March 04, 2017

Rabbi Schiller examines Ps 110 today – the most quoted OT passage in the entire NT! We see a Divine-Human, Strong-Weak, Messianic Priest-King, whom if we see all His Goodness, will transform us into His beautiful image.

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"Sharing the Gospel with Friends and Family" by Mitch Glaser

February 25, 2017

Guest speaker, Mitch Glaser, discusses the topic of remaining hopeful when family continues to resist our efforts to share the gospel.

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