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"Attitude Determines Altitude" by Marc Chernizer

December 03, 2016

Based on Philippians 2:5: "Let this attitude be in you that was also in Messiah Yeshua"

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"Fishers of Men – Making Disciples" by David Schiller

November 26, 2016

Rabbi Schiller continues with his occasional series on Fishers of Men, today focusing on the Great Commission and the calling on all Believers to be making Disciples by going, immersing, teaching and multiplying the Gospel.

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"Total Abandonment" by David Schiller

November 19, 2016

Rabbi Schiller delivered this message at the 2016 MJAA Conference, on Total Abandonment to the LORD, which must be based on Repentance and heart transformation, going beyond typical “Sinner’s Prayer” lip service conversions.

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"Deuteronomy Part 8 – Choose Life" by David Schiller

November 12, 2016

Rabbi Schiller teaches on Deut 30, where we’re exhorted to “Choose Life that we may live.

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